Chameleon Multi Color Deluxe Kit



The Chameleon Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need to light up the middle and rear of your ride. It is our middle of the road Chameleon kit and is a great kit to get you lit up. All of our kits are modular so expansion is a snap. This kit includes everything included in the Basic engine compartment kit plus two 19″ Chameleon strips for your rear wheel area OR ground effects. Our quick-connect plug-ins and 3M adhesive mount make installation simple. It comes with the G2 Controller with remote control and 13 different colors, strobing functions, breathing functions, and 6 different speeds of color rotation. You can also upgrade this kit to our Smart Phone Controlled Bluetooth Module to give you even more features!

The Chameleon Deluxe Kit Includes

  • 2 – 12″ Chameleon Skinny’z Strips
  • 4 – 19″ Chameleon Skinny’z Strips
  • 1 – Chameleon G2 Brake Function Controller with Remote
  • 1 – Inline Fuse Kit
  • 1 – Push Button Kill Switch
  • 1-  3y Splitter

A total of 156 Super Bright Color Changing LED’s

We recommend putting the 2 12″ strips under the air cleaner and horn. 2 of the 19″ Strips under your tank, and the other 2 19″ strips under the rear fender, or under the rear struts, or under your saddlebag rails. Another option for the other 2 19″ strips would be under the frame for a ground effect (some bikes you may need to trim them down so you can put the strips at a 45 degree angle to avoid scraping the strips).

*If you plan on putting any strips up front you would need to order a 36″ Extension as well. (Part#RGBEXT36)

*Now you can upgrade to our new Bluetooth Module and control your lights with your smart phone!
Bluetooth Module Features:

– Get unlimited colors to choose from.
– Flashing and breathing functions on any color.
-Variety of different speeds for the flashing and breathing.
-Brightness control on any color.
-Create and save your own custom color sequences.
-Switch, Flash, or Breathe through your color sequences.
– Ability to control 3 different zones separately.
– Option to hook up the Smart Brake Function, when you hit your brakes on your bike all of the lights turn red no matter what setting you are on.
-Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0
-Compatible with Iphone 4S and above and Android 4.3 and above.
-Comes with a toggle switch and posi-tap for hooking up the Smart Brake Function.


**Trike Upgrade will replace 2 19″ Strips with 2 40″ Strips for the rear wheel wells on a trike and also include a 36″Extension.

Additional information

Controller Options:

G2 Brake Function Controller w/ Remote, Smart Phone Bluetooth Controller (+$75.00)

Trike Upgrade

Standard Kit, Trike Upgrade


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