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Fastlights LEDS FAQs

Our systems can handle up to 30 strips of lighting. Adding on to your system is made easy with our splitters!

Yes. All of our Fastlights LEDS strips are waterproof.

Of course, it varies, but the average person should be able to do the install in an hour or so from start to finish for a basic engine kit.

With our single color Skinny’z, the answer is yes. You can mix and match any way you see fit. Our Chameleon systems will only operate Chameleons.

No. You can have only one key fob per controller on our G2 systems. The older G1 systems will allow multiple keys to be programmed to the controllers.

The G2 systems have a four-button remote with silver buttons and the letters A, B, C, and D on them.
The G1 Chameleon system has a four-button remote with plain black buttons.
The G1 Skinny’z system has a teardrop-shaped remote with 3 buttons.